Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Vacation for Laundry

Yesterday a friend of mine posted that she didn't think there was such a thing as having all the laundry done. Now, I must say, maybe if you don't have kids that may be possible, but with kids, I think it is very true. I was already behind as you all know last week, with a pile about 15 loads high staring me in the face. Then Sunday morning, Preslyn and Ella both came down with a stomach bug, meaning....barfing on all their clothes, bedding, more clothes, more bedding. Repeat, wash, destroy. By the time Hayden and I got home, Hayden started throwing up too and by that night I joined in along with BJ. So, now my 15 loads are back. I've washed all the barf stuff, but the 15 that were there before are still waiting.

BJ got to stay home from work on Monday and we were talking about how such a bummer it is that the only days he gets to stay home and have "off" other than weekends, usually neither one of us feel good. Never fun and never feels like an actual day off.

Anyway, for those who feel lost in your laundry....I've decided that it is normal and not to feel overwhelmed. And for those of you who do have regular days of no laundry.....just keep it to yourself. :)

Time to switch the load and start another one!

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