Monday, December 29, 2008

Tis the season of other words...What a month!

We have had such a busy month that I've been struggling keeping up with blogging about it.

The 13th we started our Christmas celebrations with my family, since Sean and Alexis were spending Christmas in California. It was lots of fun and felt a little funny getting presents so early. And the weather here hasn't helped out much. Its been in the 70's for so long, then we will get a couple of days of 40ish weather and then back to 70's. Its a wonder we haven't all been sick from the changing. Anyway, we got some fun presents, including a TomTom. Her name is Bonnie and she gets us where we need to go. Hayden got decked out in press-on nails and roller skates!

We trekked over to a big Texas Christmas tradition and went to Santa's Wonderland. We had never been before, so on one of the cold nights, we bundled up the kids and went. It was lots of fun and they loved all the lights!

Ella & Mommy
Preslyn & Hayden
The "magical" tunnel
As we were driving under one of the lighted tunnels, Hayden said in almost a whisper, "This is so magical!" It was precious.

Then we celebrated my brother-in-law's engagement at their party, then had Christmas eve with my extended family on my dad's side, went to our church Christmas eve service, celebrated our own Christmas, celebrated with BJ's family and then celebrated with my mom's family! Whew! Lots of celebrating, eating, giving and receiving went on!!!

Christmas morning, Hayden was so cute...she ran down and came to our room and squealed, "Santa came and ate all his cookies!" (We had told her that is how she would know if he came. So we got everyone up and ready and went in the other room where the tree with presents was and she was so excited. She was opening presents left and right and it was all a bit overwhelming at times, but it is fun while she is so excited about it. Next year I can't imagine the commotion that will take place with all three of the girls in the mix of it all. For Christmas, the twirls each got their first molars and Preslyn started walking full time. The teeth were grueling for them. We have had many rough nights, fever, cranky babies, diarrhea, and one stomach virus. Thank goodness we got two teeth out of it!

Pres so happy for Christmas!

Sorry we have no pictures of the dad! He was doing all the picture taking! He is there don't worry!!!
Here is Preslyn's new trick! She is seriously such a monkey!
It was great to see everyone and we had a wonderful holiday! I loved having all of my girls home, especially Ella. It was so fun to spend her first Christmas home with her. I definitely don't take that for granted.
The day after Christmas, Hayden came down again and came in our room and said, "Santa ate all his cookies AGAIN!!" we both laughed and tried to explain that Santa wouldn't be back for a while.

We were blessed beyond belief and are looking towards a year with big goals and dreams and hopes for our family. We are praying for God to change us in the ways that we need to be changed, to help us accomplish our goals to be better believers, spouses, parents, friends, listeners, motivators and helpers. We are striving to reach our fullest potential in everything we do and want to make strides toward those things in 2009.


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