Friday, October 31, 2008

The Girl who cried Barf

Over the weekend, Preslyn started acting sick. Runny nose, lethargic, didn't want to eat...all typical teething symptoms. So I figured she was getting her third bottom tooth, which Ella got about a month back...(can't remember if I blogged that or not). Anyway, so it lingered on and finally she cut her tooth through so I figured, the symptoms will wrap up soon.

Tuesday night, she still isn't up to par, so I keep the babies home with me, while BJ goes to the Y to play racquetball. Hayden tagged along with him. So, I get a call like an hour later saying they are headed back. This is unusual because BJ loves Racquetball and would never willingly cut his time short with it. He said he didn't feel well so I just figured it must have been something he ate, didn't sit right or something. So I go upstairs to get the babies up from their naps and Preslyn has thrown up everywhere. I scoop her up and cuddle her and she starts heaving, so I rush her into their bathroom and hold her over the sink and she proceeds to barf her poor little guts out. All the way down to dry heaving her stomach acid. I was really worried! I didn't know why she was so sick. Right then BJ walks in the door goes straight to the bathroom and starts throwing up. Hayden didn't know what he was doing and got scared. By that time, BJ is throwing up, I'm still holding Pres over the sink while she throws up off an on, I've got Ella tugging on my leg and can't move her for fear of getting the barf germs on her and Hayden right in the middle of everything worried and trying to see. I call BJ's mom and ask her to come get Ella and Hayden before they get whatever it is. Put Preslyn in her bed, poor thing, so sick. And start stripping down beds, towels and clothes that everyone is wearing. I changed all my clothes, washed my arms, face and hands and started getting Hayden and Ella ready to leave. As I'm packing their bags Hayden makes several trips into the bathroom saying "mom I'm sick too. My tummy hurts too" and then fake throws up in the bathroom. I'm telling her, "Hayden that is not funny. Daddy and Preslyn are very sick. Don't act like you are sick. " Hayden responds, "But I want to be sick too". So I ignore it and keep packing. By this time, I've ran up my stairs about 20 times, in and out of the room with the pile of barf clothes and Preslyn who reeks. I start feeling like I'm going to hurl right along with everyone else just from the smell. So finally I get the girls off. Then I go into maintenance mode. Bathe Preslyn, get medicine for BJ and Preslyn, start the laundry, get them all situated and started on crackers. Finally around 10 or so everyone is sleeping, BJ is still barfing on and off several more times, I get a call from his mom saying Hayden just threw up everywhere at her house. I felt awful. I had no idea she was for real.

You must know that Hayden acts like she is barfing like once a week! So this was not out of the blue for her to pretend. It just so happened that she was for real, for once. I felt awful. She got sick three more times that night. About that time, I'm dead tired, about to crash for the night, I've taken my shower to get all the germs off and slept upstairs so I could hear and check on Preslyn. Suddenly, I get sick too. And again and again every hour for 6 hours. I was so weak I could barely get myself into the bathroom the last time. Luckily, Preslyn didn't throw up the rest of the night and I had sent my other two away. Poor BJ was on his own. It was miserable.

The next day we both just stayed on the couch all day we were so weak. We took turns lifting Preslyn because we could barely pick her up. It was awful. We are all better now and still getting our strength back, but man was it rough. We went to town disinfectant everything imaginable. Thank goodness I bought the bulk pack of Clorox wipes a while back!

So maybe now Hayden won't joke about getting sick on a regular basis.

You all take care, I hear this stomach thing is really making its rounds. Be ware!


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