Monday, October 27, 2008

First Time's A Charm

This past Sunday was going to be my first time to help out in the 2 year old class at my church. It has been something I have wanted to do since we joined and even more so now that we have 3 children in the children's program. So, I finally took the opportunity and signed up. I was a little nervous because I didn't really know what was to be expected of me, but with several years of babysitting, nursery work and mothering under my belt I figured I could wing it if nothing else. Well I was supposed to be the helper to the main teacher so I assumed I would be doing minimal work and just lots of corralling!

So I got there a little early and the first service teacher was still there. The second service lead teacher wasn't there yet. Oh well. So she begins to show me the ropes to an extent, but mainly just said everything was pretty much self explanatory. The craft was all ready to be assembled, the curriculum was very straightforward. So its inching closer and closer to time to start and still no teacher. I'm thinking ok, this is no big deal, except I HAVE NEVER BEEN IN THIS CLASSROOM BEFORE! ahhhH!!!!

Anyway, so one of the supervisors of the childrens program stops by to check on all the classes and I tell her what's going on. So she says she will help me. Meaning, I do the lesson and direct the class, she will change diapers and corral! AH! Anyway, it went really smoothly. I looked at the little 2 year old faces and thought, ok...this is Hayden times 11. I can do this! Luckily they are 2 so really the only thing they were worried about was when is play-outside time and snack time. I had a really good time. And though I wasn't quite prepared for being the Main teacher, I think I did ok and I had a good time doing it.

The greatest part was the sneaky pooper! We had to check every single kids pants until we found who was REAKING up the room. Poor girl was just hiding from us for the longest time, but that smell was not to be ignored! She had training panties on and everything. Luckily!!! I was the main teacher so I HAD to teach the lesson of course, while my helper changed the diapers ;)


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