Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Alakazoo lamingikaboo la bippity boppity boo

Sorry I have been pretty absent lately. We have tons going on just not really anything bloggable. I have been packing and cleaning still. I wish I could wave my magic wand and it all be done. Tomorrow we close and I am so excited. It feels like it isn't really happening and then tomorrow they will hand us the keys!! That is so exciting. We have been talking through paint colors and room ideas. I think it is going to be so wonderful!

Hayden is keeping her same theme on her room that we did for her 2 yr. birthday. She currently has pink walls here at our house so we are going with the green walls this time and then we will paint one part that is like a reading nook, the pink to give it a little variety.

They are all sharing a bathroom and it was already a really pretty purple, which is exactly what Hayden requested so that will be really cute. I got them a froggie shower curtin that coordinates with all of the bug/butterfly theme they have in their bathroom now.

Then for Preslyn and Ella I found two themes that I think very much represent their personalities yet go together nicely. We are going to paint the room similar to the blue that is showing. Its very cute and girly and then we are going to decorate it really girly.

The one on the left will be Ella's theme. I love these owls! They are adorable!! And then for Preslyn, my little spider monkey, we will be doing the one on the right. I am not going to do those curtins though and not the stripes. So it will be toned down a bit. Oh and they are still very much in cribs, so this will be a project for closer to their 2nd birthdays. I just wanted to go ahead and pick what I wanted so I could know how to paint their room and start buying stuff this year so its not so expensive all at once.

Pray for Hayden. Her little allergies are flaring up and today she had a runny nose. I am hoping she isn't coming down with something right before the mayhem begins. We have our move, a wedding and then off to California for my brother's wedding all coming up. So I am trying to keep us all healthy so we can survive!

Well back to packing!


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