Thursday, August 21, 2008

9 months already

I was a little delayed in taking the girls in for their 9 month checkups due to the popularity of my pediatrician! She was booked solid for like three weeks! So we finally made it in today and here is the update on my kidlets.

Ella Marie:

27 3/4" height--50%
19lb.7oz. weight--50%

Yeah Ella!! Since she has come way up the curve from 10% to 50th% she doesn't have to take any supplements from all her surgery ordeal. They wanted her to go on a "baby gatorade" type thing called Vycitra which she had been on between surgeries. It allows for the body to stay hydrated while the colon isn't absorbing enough water. So, if she doesn't absorb, but doesn't take the med then she could have issues with growing properly. But for those that have seen the girls, they are neck and neck and Ella is keeping up just fine. So no more meds for her!!!

She was right on with all her development except that she doesn't clap or do peek-a-boo yet. She only says one word as well. So we are going to work on those things for the next appointment. Other than that she is crawling, pulling up, sitting, laughing, looking when she hears a sound, etc.

(she was in the middle of eating, which is the reason for her carrot "soul patch" ;)
Preslyn Kylar:

17in. Head--25%
28 1/4" height--75%
19 pounds .04 ounces--50%

She finally passed up Ella in length. This totally surprised me since Ella has been the tallest all along. Preslyn was doing all the developmental things as well, except for Peek-a-boo, but she does clap so that was a point for her. She is also crawling, sitting, pulling up, eating like a champ, etc.

They both had to get one shot each, and boy isn't it nice when its only one.

Both babies are cutting their two outside of the front top teeth. So they will both have 6 teeth. These sort of came out of nowhere and I didn't even realize until one day Preslyn was laughing really hard and I saw two more teeth. They didn't even have a hard time or anything. I checked Ella and sure enough there they were too!

Also, here is a picture of our weekend visit from Alexis (my soon to be sis-in-law and her beautiful sister, Christina) No they are not twins, though they totally could be! Aren't they adorable :) oh, Lex is the one on the right holding my precious Pressie and Ella and Christina were buddies and of course my dearest Hayden.

In home news, we close Thursday at 3pm. We are so excited and can't wait to get in and start fixing up the place. We have lots of painting to do and then we hope to be moved in before my brother's wedding, Sept. 19.


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