Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Springtime 2008

We at the munson house have been a little under the weather it seems. All three girls have had snotty noses and coughs since the weather has changed and BJ just went to the Dr. today due to a sinus infection. I have remained healthy and am trying to take care of my little family.

I've been so busy lately and had lots to blog about but no time to do it. I threw a little shower for my friend Jamie who is getting married in less than three weeks. I think it turned out nicely and hopefully she did too.
Thanks to all who supported me in the effort! You guys rock!

Isn't the cake that Corey made FAB!!! She said it was her first time to use fondant...sheesh! What a PRO!

The babies are getting to be so much fun. They are both laughing and smiling and talking so much. Ella is a professional roller. She will not stay on her tummy unless she wants to. The second she changes her mind...over she goes. She's even better than Preslyn. Preslyn is still working on rolling but still needs more practice. She is a jabberer though and wants her voice to be heard!

BJ, Hayden and I got to get out and go to church for easter all together for the first time since the babies were born and it was so wonderful. BJ's mom was gracious enough to stay home so we could venture out. I can't wait until we can ALL go! That will be wonderful.

Ella's surgery is scheduled finally. April 22. So now I can start getting mentally prepared for that date. I think it is going to be even harder for me this time around, now that she really feels part of the family and we know her so much better. It makes me feel like it will be harder for some reason this time. Just start praying for a quick recovery, a quick extubation from the breathing tube post surgery, and a smooth pre-surgery fasting period. She will be admitted the night before to get all cleaned out and then not be able to eat again. Pray it goes as smoothly as last time.

Some new things going on are...Ella discovered her hands and feet. Yesterday she was staring at her hand for so long and then today Misti, our nanny, found her playing with her feet!! So fun!!! We are getting their pictures taken very soon, so stay tuned for some adorable shots :)

Here is Hayden in her new Cars shirt :) She loves it!! Isn't she looking so big and grown up lately. I can't believe her baby-hood is fading far away and her is this beautiful little girl that has blossomed right under our noses.

horray: mopped all my floors today
booooo: i think i broke my toe


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