Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Doctor Update

Last Thursday was doctor day for all of us. My mom and I loaded up the twirls and headed to the pediatrician. Hayden met us there with Grammy Denise. I had one supervisor per child :) I knew that all three girls were going to get shots so I figured it would be crazy. So we brought the troops. The Lord really paved the way for us germaphobes. When we got to the pedi, there were only two other patients in the waiting room (THAT NEVER HAPPENS) ! And we literally waited about 10 minutes and were in. (AGAIN...NEVER HAPPENS).

So we got in and started stripping clothes and diapers off and weighing and measuring girls....

Here are the stats....
Hayden: 34lbs., 36"-- 95% for both
Ella: 15" head, 23" length, 11lbs.4oz. --10% (the littlest babe now :) )
Preslyn: 15 1/4" head, 23"length, 11lbs.10oz. --10th%
(The babies are finally on the normal growth curve!!!)

Hayden had to get one shot and merely said "OUCH". It was glorious. She was more concerned about getting her three "pops" (Suckers) for her reward. Being that Preslyn and Ella should get "pops" too but are too young, she gets all three for doing so good with her shot ;) Hayden was totally on par for all of her developmental questions and passed her checkup with flying colors!!!

Preslyn and Ella each had to get FIVE SHOTS A PIECE! I freaked when I saw the tray of needles and then asked, "Is that just for one of them??" Poor babies SCREAMED THEIR GUTS OUT. It was awful. Our pedi was very happy with them though and said they are doing great. Good news...no more synagis shots (RSV preventive shot) WHOOHOO!!!! So we go back for their 6 month checkups and no more monthly shot checkups. She also said we could start easing into some cereal when I felt like Preslyn was ready and then to solids. I'm trying to hold her off until after Ella's surgery so we can all be on the same schedule together, but we'll see how that goes. She's a little hungry monkey. They are both pretty close to being totally on par with development. They should be rolling more, but they are trying so that is excellent. Preslyn's neck is a little sluggish sometimes, but she just needs to keep strengthening it. Other than that they are perfect little "spuds" as we commonly refer to them.

Oh and Ella's barium test went well. The actual procedure was horrendous and she screamed like crazy, but the results came back great and she is ready for surgery. Her surgeon is on vacation this week (resting his hands up for her) and then she will be scheduled sometime soon. I don't have a date yet. Thank you for all of your prayers through all of this.

In other news they are still sleeping through the night for the most part. If our feedings fall late enough to put them down around 9ish...then we get a for sure all nighter with Ella and usually can get Preslyn to go until around 6. That is wondrous!!!

Hayden and I had a little fun this weekend and put her hair in sponge rollers. She took them out before they were ready so we had no curls to show for our effort, but she looked so hilariously cute with them in and she felt so big and girly and loved having them in. She is very into getting her own clothes on right now, brushing her hair, wearing her "lipsticks", perfume, deodorant and nail polish. Such a girly girl. Although today while we were at Target she picked out a brown Cars shirt out of the boy section (its her favorite movie) and I let her get it. She's having a rough time with her lungs right now, so we are back to breathing treatments ...joy joy. Hoping that this change of weather will be easy on her.

I have officially lost my mind. Last week I took Hayden to school and when we walked in, all of the kids had their little Easter baskets, except for Hayden. I had TOTALLY forgotten that they were having an egg hunt that day and were supposed to have their baskets and 12 filled eggs. So I ran to Target and came back with her supplies. Poor girl. Then today we all loaded up to drop her off (BJ, Hayden and I) and pulled up in the parking lot to an empty school. Apparently we are on either spring break or are off for Easter, either way, I had no clue. Poor child. Carrie if you are reading this...please comment to tell me when school starts back. I apparently missed the memo completely. I do know that we have a western day coming up :) So people, if I repeat my stories to you, please just tell me to stop, or if I have totally forgotten stuff, don't hesitate to tell me, because I am officially off my rocker. I'm crazed...I'm a lunatic...I have too many things going on in my life.

Horray: to my new Mary Kay recruit :)
Booooo: nasty pollen that makes my kids sick


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