Thursday, February 14, 2008

We ARE alive....barely

So adding a third child to the mix has rocked our planet. We are beyond exhausted. We are trying to get the babies on the same schedule, but being in a three month routine in the NICU is not easy to wean off of.


We are loving being able to love on our little E-diddy as we like to call her, whenever we want to. But my life pretty much involves making milk, changing diapers and ostomy bags, bathing, and feeding my family. Occassionaly I get some sleep at night :)


We went in for another synagis shot (to prevent RSV) today and a weight check and I think you'll be surprised to know that Ella is 9lb. 8oz and Preslyn is 9lbs. 5oz. !! I couldn't believe how close they were. Ella is 21 3/4" long. Pres didn't get measured. My littles are growing so fast and getting so big. Its sad to think that most of you will never know how small they were because by the time you see them they will look like normal sized babes.


Hope you all have a wonderful Valentines!!


Oh yes...and to answer the most monotonous question ever...yes, we are done adding to the size of our family :)


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