Sunday, February 24, 2008

Sorry to disappoint

I have been notified that many of you check my blog every day to see that there is nothing new posted....yeah. Well that's because we are running around here with our heads cut off in a blurred delirium that never goes away.

The girls are doing great. Preslyn started really smiling and jabbering and cooing last week. She is so adorable and will really try to talk to you. It sounds like she says "hey" in the sweetest voice ever. Ella we thought wasn't really doing the same but a couple of days later she started smiling more and cooing. Not as much but she IS doing it. They are both growing so much and are in the 10lb. range finally! Ella has a nurse that comes out to the house weekly and so we get to weigh her each time. They are both starting to stay awake a lot more during the day, which makes it alot harder, but we can't sleep away our lives now, can we?? Although that sounds like a MARVELOUS idea at the moment.

I'm beginning to be a bag pro :) Ella's bag has given me some fits, but I always win that fight. It usually stays on about 2 days and then it is always at the most inconvenient time, it will peel off and I will see a big poop stain start forming on her clothes and know it is time to change it. The bag, for those who have been asking, is pretty much like a Playtex-drop in attached to her stomach. So when it fills up each feeding I will empty it with a syringe and hope that we get the longest wear out of it so I don't have to change it frequently.

Preslyn played in the exersaucer a few times recently and is still a little too small for it, but she is content for about 5 minutes or so :) lol...hey, five minutes is five minutes.

BJ and I are rotating trying to take naps whenever possible. But it never seems to be enough. We are always tired. We can't let Ella try to sleep through the night since she has a specific volume she can have, its not much so we have to wake her up every 3 hours. And Preslyn is still not sleeping through the night either. So our nights are a three ring circus. Tonight we have help so maybe we can both get one full nights sleep. I'm so excited!!

Well...i just wanted to check in. Sorry I have nothing but baby updates, but currently that is all my life exists of, so bear with me :)

Thank you to everyone who has been sending meals! It is such a wonderful thing to not have to even think about it. Thank you to those who have really stepped in and held up our arms during this crazy time. We appreciate you living life with us even though it is exhausting when you step in our front door. Thanks to those who have gotten flu shots so you can help us...whoohoo!! Way to take one for the team! :) I really thank you for that because I know it does hurt a bit.


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