Friday, February 29, 2008


Preslyn rolled over last night :) She has actually done it once before a while back but she apparently (i wasn't there to see) had a blanket sort of bunched behind her back that time...this time it was flat on her back and she worked and worked so hard and then over she went all of the sudden :) It was so great to see!

We also went for Ella's checkup with her surgeon this week and they are scheduling her for one test so they can look at her intestines before the surgery and that is in 10 days. So then the surgery will follow within the month after that. Be praying for a smooth situation for all of us as we prepare for this again. The good news was that she was released to have a little more milk!!! We can start very slowly increasing her feeds as we see she is tolerating it. So far she has not been dumping so that is great news and she is loving the extra 15mL in every bottle...AND we don't have to waker her up every three hours if she is sleeping and not acting hungry. She usually is ready but in the night sometimes she will give us an extra hour or two so that is wonderful!!

Have a happy weekend and leap year!


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