Monday, January 07, 2008

Hello hello!!!!

Well big news for the munson babe...Ella started feeds yesterday!!! She started at a mere 5cc's which is about a teaspoon. It was so sad because it barely filled up the nipple of a bottle and so it took her about 5 sucks and it was gone. Such a teaser for her. But she is handling them well so they went up to 9cc's and are going to see how she does with that. The other plus was that she was able to go straight back to bottle feeding and not by a feeding tube.

Her incision is healing good and she is off her breathing tube and her morphine. She also started stooling into her little ostomy bag which is a great sign that everything is starting to work like it is supposed to. She's a little less than 6 weeks out from her second surgery so there is a slight chance she could come home in between but it really depends on how quickly they are able to advance her feeds, which will not be quickly because they don't want her body to relapse.

She is just as cute as ever! We took Hayden to see her this past Sunday and she got to hold her and love on her a bit.

Preslyn is a doll as always. She is up to 3 1/2 ounces at a time and is supposed to go back for a weight check and her second RSV shot this week. I am anxious to see how much she has gained. She is starting to look less preemie to me and more newborn baby. But don't get me wrong she is still tiny compared to Hayden as a baby! We are loving having her home though. She is holding her head up really good most of the time and starting to give us a few 5 hour spans here and there of sleep.

Hayden is a tornado!! She is into everything and energy beyond belief! Poor girl has a new bump or bruise it seems every day because she is fearless. Tonight she jumped off her toy and landed on the ground belly-flop style, but she was holding one of her toy spoons and it nearly poked her eye out. She has a nice big whelp under her eye now. It scared me to death. I thought for sure she was going to have damaged her eye.

Other than that all is the same in our household. Just trying to recoop the house from the holidays, going through things to get rid of and getting ready for taxes. I've been doing inventory on my Mary Kay, boxing up hayden's clothes she is too big for and trying to keep some order to this home. Its not easy with three kiddos, even though I only have two here at home, the other one still demands a big chunk of my time to drive down there and see her. So if you ever stop by, please excuse our mess :)


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