Wednesday, January 02, 2008

A day with Hayden

Before Preslyn came home Hayden and I got to have a girls day together just the two of us. It was so much fun and provided some good one-on-one bonding for us since we hadn't really had just good, fun, quality time together in a while. I think it made her feel 100% special :)

We started off the day primping, with jewelry, nails, hair bows and cute clothes....

then away we went to the Children's Museum. She had so much fun playing in the Dinosaur pit, digging for bones, then with the trains and all of the other fun stuff.

Then we walked over and ate some bourbon chicken, which she loved. She felt so big eating at the table without a high chair.

We swung by and got her hair cut all cute and of course she had several "pops" (suckers) during that :)

Then we rode on the carousel. Such fun for both of us!! Hayden kept waving out to the crowd like she was a princess.

We walked over to the pet store and she looked at all of the puppies and then we went to Pottery Barn Kids and Hayden decided to sample all of the beds. She even took her shoes off and got under the covers. The sales ladies thought it was hilarious! Then she played with all of the play dishes and tried out every rocking animal (horses, puppies, lambs) that was in the store.

After a long day we headed home totally pooped! I look forward to many more days like we had that day :) It definitely helped take some of the sting out of the 47 days of her life that I sadly missed out on while cooped up in the hospital.


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