Friday, November 16, 2007

The nature of preemies

Well the girls have been doing well...not making big strides as they had been, but still doing ok. They were transferred down to the level 2 NICU and then Preslyn started having some apnea (which is when they fall asleep and forget to breathe basically). So they put her on a nasal cannula at a very low rate and that seemed to fix her up just nicely. Ella on the other hand has been cruising along just great, no problems.

Last night BJ and I got to go up to the hospital again and we were going to do Kanga care again. BJ got to do it with Preslyn, but when I tried with Ella, she kept having Brady's which is when her heart rate goes down and her oxygen saturation trails off too.... so I decided to just hold her and talk to her and love on her instead of doing the Kanga care. It was amazing to see them with so little on their faces. BJ and I hardly recognized them when we first walked up. Plus they are now able to wear little clothes, so it makes them look so different.

We got home after a long day. Hayden's school called me halfway through the day and informed me that she was running a 102 degree fever out of nowhere. So we had to go pick her up and make sure she was ok, but we think it is her molars trying to come through, because she is totally fine today. She ran fever through the night, but lower and then it finally broke. She keeps saying that her teeth hurt her, so maybe that is what happened.

Anyway, around 11pm my phone rings and it is the NICU calling to say that Ella has all of the sudden wigged out and started having apnic episodes very frequently. All of her vitals are saying that something is wrong. So they started running a panel on her because they immediately think bacteria or infection when that starts happening. It was really scary and to know that my one week old daughter was about to undergo a spinal tap and I wasn't even there to hold her or comfort her about ripped my heart in two.

So right now we are waiting on the cultures that they took to tell us whether she is sick or just having preemie syndrome. They are leaning more toward it just being from her being a preemie, but it also looks sort of like pneumatosis. They started her on antibiotics in case it comes back and she has an infection, that way it is already able to start fighting a general bacteria. They also took her off her feeds and put her on a nasal cannula. So please say a little extra prayer when you think of little Ella. She needs a boost right now. And you can pray for us too. It's so hard to know that your little ones are struggling and you can't help them.


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