Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Happy 1 week birthday my babies!!!

Kangaroo Care

Last night BJ and I made the journey to see our girlies and did our first night of Kangaroo Care. Oh was it heavenly. BJ had to drag me out of that NICU. I held Preslyn and BJ held Ella and we just loved on each other and snuggled for over an hour. Both girls stats were so good while we were holding them, and a couple of times, they mellowed out so well that their heart rates dropped. Not anything scary, they just got so relaxed. I loved having her little warm body next to mine and hearing her little cry a couple of times and her little kitten noises. Oh I am in love :)

My little Preslyn

Changing Preslyn's Diaper for the first time

The funny thing is their ears are so pliable right now and so when they lay on us for so long their ears get stuck down in weird positions and so we have to physically move them back to where they should be, well BJ didn't realize that one of Ella's ears was still squished down so that is why her ear looks smashed :)

Then we came home and big sister went peepee on the big potty !!!!! She was so excited and so were we!!! We are in full steam ahead potty training as of this weekend. I am going to get some training pants and we are good to go. Pray that it happens quickly and easily. I'd love to have it done by the time the girls come home. Two babies and a potty trained toddler are what I want for Christmas this year :)

So we went to bed and about 1a.m. my phone rings, and my heart starts racing. Its an unknown number which means its the NICU and I am starting to panic, I answer the phone and the first words out of the nurse's mouth are "don't worry, your babies are fine." insert huge SIGH OF RELIEF here. They were calling to let me know that my babies were both on their way to the level 2 nursery to feed and grow :) whahhooooo!!! They are still in isolettes and will be until they reach 4lbs. 6oz. but now they are on manual isolette settings which means they are letting the babies try to regulate their temperatures now on their own, which also means, they can wear clothes!!! Yeah!!! So I'm going to take some things up for them tomorrow when we go so they can look even cuter than they already are.

They are both eating like crazy and constantly upping their feedings so much that they ran out of my milk yesterday! SHEESH! I had pumped a ton so that amazed me. So pray that I can keep up with their little hungry bellies. The good thing is pumping is going great this time around. With Hayden it was so stressful and I just gave up to easily because I didn't have a lactation lady like I did this time. Now it is so much easier and I feel confident that I can do it this time. Plus I have an awesome pump (THANK YOU HOLLY) that makes it so much better!


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