Monday, November 05, 2007

Some action at the hospital

So I've been having contractions since 5 today maybe earlier but I was sleeping and woke up in discomfort. They were really mild and then around 7 picked up and became regular. I had 27 contractions in one hour and they say to be alerted when you have any more than 6 in an hour. So yeah...definitely met the quota. So the resident came in and checked me and I have dialated to a 1 and am 50% effaced. They are going to come check me again at 11:30 or 12 and if I have made any progress they are going to deliver me tonight. So be in prayer. I'm obviously a little nervous but know that God already knows when the perfect time is. So I am just trying to stay relaxed and calm.

I'm kind of doubting I will make any progress that quickly, but you never know what your body will do so we shall see. I'll post tomorrow or a quick one before I deliver tonight should that be the case. Otherwords, we are still pushing for Friday!

UPDATE: 12:30am no I'm going to bed and staying pregnant for a little while longer :)


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