Monday, November 05, 2007

An aqua box for me :)

Last night BJ got to come up to the hospital by himself, which is not an insult to my child whatsoever. I love that little chickadee to death, but last night was nice because when she comes we don't really get to have a focused conversation. Usually it is just wrangling her and keeping her entertained and BJ and I get to glance at each other here and there.

So he came and brought dinner and we watched a movie, talked about our ever changing life and just hung out, like we would if we were at home. It was very nice and probably the last time we will get that opportunity for a little while, since we are soon going from 3 to 5!

He brought with him a special little box, that at the sight of it, every girl would let out a gasp :) It was an aqua box from none other than Tiffany's :) :)

I was so surprised and excited to see what was inside. He had given me a delicate silver bracelet with 5 pearls on it, to represent our family.
It was so perfect and I L-O-V-E it!

Anyway, that is how I spent my last weekend before my babies! I am so excited that THIS IS THE WEEK! All of my nurses have been on the countdown with me for weeks and now my whiteboard says 4 more days!!! I am getting my second round of steroids today and tomorrow and usually I would be really nervous, but I am excited because this is a milestone and I know it will help my little tots breathe on their own and if they can do that, they can come home so much sooner!! So pray for unassisted breathing when they are born!!

My monitoring has been going great, no decels and minimal contractions.

This is what it looks like to be monitored....its quite and ordeal and I have so many bands strapped to me. I will be glad to see those go away, to never again return :) Don't mind my horrendous appearance. I'm so pale from being inside for 6 weeks, plus having anemia on top of that. I told my mom I was going to have to wear my makeup for my delivery just so they don't send me to the morgue afterwards on accident :)

I can't walk around very much anymore because when I do I have lots of contractions, so I've been chilling in my bed primarily. I feel like an old pro at this inpatient gig :) The other day one of my nurses that had quit her job about a week ago, came to see me and brought her kids to meet me! I thought it was kind of humorous that a nurse would come to visit a patient. She said she had asked the other ladies who was still here from when she was and I was the only one. I'm the veteran now!

When I got here a lady met me in the hall that had been here 2 months, and now I am that lady. My neighbor has only been here for a few days and is having a rough time. She is on continuous monitoring and her babies are only 23 weeks, which means they are tiny and can move like crazy which makes monitoring so incredibly hard. I felt for her. The nurses said she is having a rough time emotionally and we've been encouraging her that the first couple of weeks are the hardest, until you really come to terms with being here, and the reason you are here. And then it starts getting easier. I can't believe I have been here for 41 days. It seems like just yesterday I was calling home, crying my eyes out to BJ telling him I couldn't do it, and that I hated this. And now here I am with 4 days to go feeling so excited and relieved to know that I have finished my task. I have met my goal and given my babies the greatest chance that I could. And I couldn't have done it without the constant support of all of you out there, sending me messages, emails, IM'ing me, visiting me and just constantly lifting us up in prayer.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
♥ Lindsay


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