Monday, November 26, 2007

Silly Stories of Hayden

So lately Hayden has been belting out songs at the top of her lungs when we drive in the car. And if you change the song in the middle she gets really aggrivated and says" Hey , I like that song." It is so funny to watch her sing but its so cute. Last night we were driving home and she was singing to the song on the radio but the words were "I don't want to go night night...I don't want to go night night" over and over. We were laughing so hard!

Another funny story was that we went out to eat and all of the sudden Hayden started saying "I gotta poop...I got a poopie!" Well usually this means she has already gone, but she kept insisting that she needed to go to the potty. We were almost finished, and I really didn't want to go sit in the nasty restaurant bathroom stall and try to balance her on the toilet papered seat so I just told her no not that time. Well we got up to leave and you can see that the pee has soaked through her pants and she was walking like she had been riding horses for days. It was so sad and hilarious at the same time. We did a quick change in the car and were good to go.

The other day, Hayden was taking a bath for a long time and suddenly looked at her hands and said "What in the world!!" She didn't know why her hands were all wrinkled up. Her eyes looked so worried that somehow her hands were stuck that way for life.

During the Bee Movie, Hayden was watching and suddenly the movie hit a quiet point and at that exact time Hayden let out the loudest burp ever! We started laughing and then she said..."Oh Pardon Me!!!" and it was very loud as well. Everyone around us was laughing embarrassing.


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