Sunday, November 18, 2007

NICU day 12

I haven't had much time between trying to survive on three hour intervals of sleep...watching a two year old, recovering and trying to make frequent trips to the NICU, but I know there are so many people checking this blog so I wanted to update on the girls.

Ella tested positive for the pneumatosis, which is bubbles in the lining of her stomach. This can be a precursor to a tear in the lining which is fatal if not treated by surgery immediately. The nurses told us that whoever caught this was on top of their game because most of the babies are usually already to the point of surgery before it is caught. I serve a big God and I know that He put that person there at that exact moment. So she is not able to eat until this goes away, which will probably be a couple of weeks. She is also having apnea very frequently and last night when we were up there we witnessed them and it was one of the most sickening feelings to watch my child stop breathing for 20-30 seconds at a time and just lay there perfectly still. It panicked me every time and a couple of times we had to stimulate her to get her to start breathing again. I mean we were pushing her, hard! and she still wouldn't wake up. I hated it. They said that she is just so sick that her body has to rest even to the point of not letting itself breathe at times. She is so tired and exhausted from being poked and prodded continuously. As of today she only had to be stimulated once and is starting her breathing back on her own after an apnea spell, so that is good. And her oxygen saturation is good as well. Her most recent x-ray showed a slight improvement in the stomach, so that is a blessing.

Preslyn also decided that she would follow in her sisters footsteps and started displaying symptoms of the pneumatosis as well. So they worked up a panel on her (including spinal tap) and we are still waiting on those results to come back. As of right now they are still negative and we are believing that they will remain that way. She is still tolerating her feeds well and hasn't had to stop them yet, which is a good sign. They started the antibiotics on her as well. So she is still in the level 2 nursery and Ella is in NICU 3.

Thank you for all of your prayers and calls to check up on us. We really appreciate everyone! We are trying to take hold of whatever God has for us to gain out of this experience even though sometimes it seems unbearable. I know He is still in control and has a mighty plan for my girls and for our family.


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