Monday, November 19, 2007

Miracles around every corner!!

Today has been the greatest day we have had in a long time! First off we thought Hayden was coming down with chicken pox last night so we took her in and she just has a rash but no pox :) Right after that on the way home I called NICU 3 where Ella is, and got a report that she only had one apnea episode the entire shift!!! and her xrays are totally clear and she is FREE OF PNEUMATOSIS!!! It is gone...totally gone! I must have confirmed with the nurse a thousand times! I couldn't believe that in 4 days it had vanished. It was supposed to be a two week ordeal at the minimum, but our God is a miracle worker and he turned the tables and she is healed!! They are still holding her feeds for a little while and running xrays to make sure it doesn't come back. Thank you for the prayers because no job is too hard for God. He doesn't need 14 days to heal, he heals right on time.

Then just now I called Preslyn's nurse and this is pretty much how the convo went:
"Hi this is Preslyn's mom"
"Oh, Hi mom, its been a great day. Preslyn is off her oxygen cannula, she is off her TPN/Lipids (nutrients by IV) after tonight, she is off her antibiotics..because her cultures came back negative for pneumatosis. She has had no Brady's today (Oxygen saturation going down), she is off her incubator warmer and is regulating her temp on her own, she is wearing clothes again, oh....and she started BOTTLE FEEDS today and did great, and she weighs 3lbs. 15oz.!!!"
" " (Yeah...that is me, dumbfounded)
I kept waiting for her to say...."and tomorrow we are discharging her"

I couldn't ask for anything more. Especially in one day!
My God ROCKS my face off!


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