Thursday, November 29, 2007

Bring her home, baby!!

So the girlies are back together again! Ella got moved back to her sisters side yesterday! We are so excited to get to go see them side by side again. It makes our visits so much easier. Ella is 4lbs. 8oz. and Preslyn is right behind her at 4lbs. 7.2oz. They are just growing like little weeds now.

Preslyn got moved into an open crib today, which is another step toward coming home to us! Now all we have to wait on is her to get up to 8 bottles a day and right now she is at 2. So she is coming along quickly! I'm hoping in a couple more weeks she will be home. That would be wonderful. Hopefully big sister Ella will be home soon after her as well. She is supposed to be in an open crib in the next few days as well.

Hayden on the other hand is having quite a rough time lately. She is one big barrel of accidents. She has come home from school the last several times with a new bruise or a busted lip. She is just struggling to stay up on her feet. I think she must be growing right now and her body is a little uncoordinated. She is running so fast lately which doesn't help her falls at all.

Once again...I have pics that I need to upload :) Back to watching Beauty and the Beast with my biggest baby girl.


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