Friday, October 12, 2007

Uncle Jared

Today is Britton's 21st birthday, so last night BJ's family went out to eat to celebrate. They knew it would be a late night so BJ called his best friend Jared to come over to the house and watch Hayden. He has never watched her before but she loves him to death and we knew it would go fine. Jared was really excited but told BJ he had never changed a diaper before. So Bj told Jared that Hayden is a very easy child to watch and he showed him how to change her and gave him instructions. So, off BJ goes.......

well, Hayden did great. Right up until the point that she projectile vomited about 6 feet in front of her. So Jared picks her up and is on his way to the bathroom when she throws up THREE MORE TIMES! Now all you moms know that its one thing when a baby barfs on you, but its another thing when a toddler does it. Its real. Its disgusting. And its 100 times worse when its not your child. I felt so bad for him, but he had it under control. He said he was covered in barf from head to toe and so was she.

The cutest part of the story is after the third time he finally got her to the bathroom and started getting the tub ready. So he opened the toilet lid and told her if she felt sick again to throw up in there....and she did. And when she was done she looked at him and said..."Jared, I'm done. I feel better now." So precious.

So big props to Uncle Jared for being initiated into the babysitter club. You get a gold medal for keeping your cool and not throwing up as well :)


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