Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Husband and Father of the Year

I found this in my inbox this morning:

Good morning my Love,

I hope you are getting good rest now. I am so proud of how you have been doing and how strong you have been. I know this has been tough on you and all of us but it is getting close to the end and that is such an overwhelmingly great thing. I know you have inspired so many with your attitude, outlook, and strength. I would have never dreamed of this circumstance being in our lives but we have fought through it and soon we will see just how much more awesome our family will be. It has really been a testing time but I know that God knows what we can handle and constantly amazes us. When God stretches us, you seem to go further than you ever thought.

I can not wait for you and our new babies to be home! It really shows you through all of this how much we really depend on each other and love each other. I miss you so much. We have such a great family and God has blessed us with an even larger one than we imagined. It is amazing that the night we went to dinner and I saw that big family and God put it in my heart to want that. LOL. I never did before and then out of the blue, God gives me those desires right before he sets us in the path for the big family. I really love you so much and am so grateful for you. I know that we say that often at home but it has even more meaning now that we see just what each other totally means to one another. You really are my world. You are an awesome wife and an amazing mother. Mother of Zion. How right on can a prophecy be?

God has big things in store for us. I have always felt it. I believe we are right on the edge of some pretty amazing times. It is going to be awesome to walk with you through it along with having our 3 girls and seeing what part they play. They are going to be all 3 incredible. God has a big plan for them! I can’t wait to see what it is.

I miss you. I miss you. So many things we take for granted. Life is very very good with you by my side. I always have known that but this makes it even more real. You were and always will be the perfect person for me. God knew that from the beginning of time. There was no other. Always and forever you. I am sooo excited about our family and what it is becoming. This is AMAZING!

I love you my babe and I can’t wait to get you home and just love all over you and my babies

Love, BJ


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