Wednesday, October 24, 2007

And an Nnnnnnnnnn it is

So the answer is N*SYNC and the story though it doesn't relate to them actually relates to the Backstreet Boys. I had to look up the song, All I have to Give, because I didn't know which group sang the us, they are both the same...not really our cup of tea, but whatever. SO, the story is...In high school Bj and I went to a Valentines Banquet together at our school and there was a variety type show during it. His group of guys got up and lip-sanc to the song All I have to Give and it was HILARIOUS! I wish I had a video clip to put with this post. But oh well. Anyway, its definitely the only time BJ has EVER done anything like that in the entire time I have been with him. It was so cute and if you saw it you would cry from laughing so hard!

So, you get one N for Baby B :)

Update...tomorrow is 30 weeks...whoohooo! That is such a great milestone and we are going for more! I found out who is doing my C-section yesterday and if all goes as planned it will be at 8 am on the 13th. I reallly like the doctor that is going to do it and am glad that she will be the one. I also have earned 6 hour monitoring instead of 4 which has been nice for the sleeping at night. They also have backed down on my blood sugar tests and now I only get tested every other day! That is great!

I've been having several episodes of contractions. Every time we've been able to get them to stop, but it is very uncomfortable and contractions usually use to dialating which we don't want.

Some bad news is that our insurance has renigged on paying for everything. Now they aren't paying for anything past Oct. 17. There are lots of people fighting the denial and we are praying that it will be reinstated. It is so wierd that they did that. The good thing is they can't legally take back the money they have already agreed to pay for those three weeks so we got half of my stay paid for. So everyone keep praying!!!


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