Monday, October 08, 2007

Freedom and Food

So yesterday we had our first and hopefully last scare with a decel on one of the babies. It was pretty scary and finally her heart rate came back up. Well since that happened I was not allowed to come off of the monitors. So yesterday from 1:30pm until this morning at 8 I was on the monitors. That is including all night long, which made sleeping a joke. I think I slept in 40 minute intervals. That is no good for a sleepy mamma! But the babies did good all that time and didn't decel again so I got to get off this morning. I went straight to the shower and then straight to sleep. I was so sore from laying in the same position that whole time.

Then I got my GTT tests back this morning and I am positive for gestational diabetes. I was bummed. So they are altering my diet and hoping that takes care of it. I have to have 4 finger sticks daily starting today. One thing I was not aware of is that having diabetes during pregnancy puts me at high risk for having them afterwards as well. So be praying that as soon as I am not pregnant that the diabetes goes away as well.

Another weird thing is that I have lost 8lbs. since I've been in the hospital. So that only brings me to a total of 7lbs. gained total. So now I have to be weighed 2 times a week to make sure that I start gaining weight. I couldn't believe it. I never expected to lose weight.

This week I'll be 28 weeks and that is another milestone! Now I'm going for 30.

Anyway...that's the scoop :) One of the moms on my floor had her baby today. She has been here for over 2 months. How exciting!! I can't wait until it is my turn to have my babies and end my captivity. I'm so ready to be home with my family.


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