Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Best news in a long time!!!

Day 16

Today we got news that it looks like our insurance is going to pay for everything in regards to my hospital stay. We have been believing for this and trusting that whatever the outcome that God was going to take care of us. And He has once again. We are so thankful and excited about this. Thanks for everyone that has been praying with us on this. We are just believing that now everything flows very easily with no kinks.

While I'm posting I'll give a quick update. My blood sugars have been coming out great. I'm always under my limit so the diet is working. The babies are doing well. We had another big decel today and I had to get on oxygen for a little while, but the heartrate came back up and stayed up so that was good.

My stomach is getting so so heavy and miserable to walk around for too long. But I try to take little walks to keep my legs from turning to jelly.

Anyway...that is pretty much it :)


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