Monday, August 27, 2007

Showers of Blessings
--The Finale

I had a wonderful third shower on Saturday! It was titled a Baby Blessing because the ladies wanted a chance to just sit and pray over me and the babies. It was such a time of peace to be with so many believers who are lifting up our family daily.

We got some more necessities and some super cute clothes, and even some homemade blankets and booties that are so adorable.

My mom gave us very practical stuff this shower. was pretty funny, but it was stuff that I have been saying that I needed and since she comes every Tuesday to help me with stuff, she has been making note of all these things...such as an apple slicer (will save me hours of slicing apples for 5), she got me some fan/light chains, because I can't reach half of the ones in my house, oh and she got me black peppercorn refills for my pepper shaker, and a book from a mother to a daughter, and lastly....she got me my one big craving that I've been having cream sandwhiches :) YUM! It was so cute :)

I can't believe we are winding down in this pregnancy. I remember when we first found out it was twins and started planning these showers and I had thought to myself, "Ok, so August is back-to-back showers, then labor day, then hayden's birthday party and then hospital....ahhhh!" well now we are here at the end of August which means 4 weeks until admittance. I know they will fly by and it is just so crazy how the time is zooming now. (Here's me at 21w2d)

I have an appointment today which we are looking forward to! I love seeing how much they grow in just 3 weeks time. Plus today we will figure out the day I get admitted and all the in between stuff as well.

We had a really nice weekend. We started it with my parents bringing Chinese food over on Friday night and then we watched the Astronaut farmer, which turned out to be good, but very long and kind of slow. My parents were recently blessed with a new car and so they got to show us, and it is so nice. It has a DVD and fits 8 :) Perfect for my growing family!!

Then Saturday, poor BJ hasn't got to have a day to do his own thing in so long, so he got to play golf twice in one weekend this weekend :) We also got to see his brother's band play on Saturday night. It was Britt's last performance with them, as he has resigned his spot in the band.

On Sunday we went to church and Hayden decided she was going to make a grand entrance. She was waving to everyone she saw like she was Ms. america, and then one lady smiled at her, so she came right up to her and said "Hi, I'm Hayden" and just waited for the lady to introduce herself as well. It was hilarious! My little social butterfly.

We got to swim with our pals after church and it was such a hot day! Perfect for the pool!

Such a nice weekend indeed!


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