Tuesday, August 28, 2007

All is well in the womb

We saw the babies yesterday :) Yeah!! Sorry I have no ultrasound pics for your viewing pleasure this time. They were so squished in there that we couldn't really get any good clear pictures. The tech was having a hard time figuring out which baby was which for a while. They were laying transverse in my stomach which means side to side instead of up and down. Which is nice because they aren't up in my lungs and ribs! Both of their heads were on my right and their rears on my left. They are so cute :)

They are weighing just under 1 lb. (403 grams and 397 grams). I believe they said 1lb. is 450grams. So they are getting close! They are right on target for their size and weight. Also some more tests came back normal for no birth defects so yeah!!! The cords are still a big knotted mess. Ugh. He said it looks like they are wrapped at least two times around each other. So we are still believing that the pressure doesn't tighten them any earlier than is safe for them. We want them in there for as long as possible!

We made my next appointment to go in and that is the day before I turn 26weeks so I will probably be admitted that day. September 26. I can't believe that is just 4 short weeks away. I'm getting ready for it and mentally ready. I know it is what is best and that is what takes precidence in my mind.

So on the way home we traded in our Sequoia, which was a lease, for another Sequoia :) This time we own it!! Yeah!!! We have been talking about doing it for so long, and finally decided it was time.

It is so awesome and decked out with a DVD and a bunch of other perks that our other one didn't have like floor mats (yes, we didn't even have floor mats in the last car), keyless entry and reverse sensors. It's so nice...Hayden loves the DVD player so much that we had to bribe her out of the car last night!

Oh and finally...here is the pic of our monstrous stoller :) I think I may need to get a blinker on it or something. lol. Sometimes I look at it and think, " is this really my life??" Thank you to all of our family that had a part in giving this to us!! We will definitely get lots of use out of it for the next several years!!! Now if only I could find someone to push me around in it :) Bj asked how in the world we were supposed to turn in it and I said you don't ...you just go straight. :)


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