Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Just a quickie

I keep forgetting to post that Hayden has been sleeping in her big girl bed at night now for 11 nights with no problems at all. :) Still in the crib for naps, but we are making progress!!!

We are all under the weather with summer colds so pray for us if you think of it. The babes are kicking away lately and I saw my belly move today for the first two different spots. :) Pretty cool! Tomorrow is 20 weeks!! The end is nearing! I can't believe our babies will be here sometime in the next 14 weeks. That is amazing. We are working hard on names so if you have suggestions throw them on out there :)

I had my last appointment with my regular OB this week and it was kind of sad to go, but I know the new doctors are going to take great care of us. I was measuring at 21 just a couple of weeks ahead, which they said is amazing that I am not way bigger for twins, but that I am gaining just enough to allow the babies to grow how they should and for me not to overgain! That is the goal :) My weight gain total is 9 lbs. Which is not bad for being at halfway of a regular pregnancy!

Tootles :)


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