Saturday, August 04, 2007

Answers for my fans :)

I keep having one question over and over that many of you are confused on, so I wanted to post the answer on here to hopefully sum up the things I have been talking about over the past several months.

The main question we are getting is why are they taking the twins so early??? :)
So here is the answer in the best way I know how to explain.

My twins are not normal twins. Most twins that you hear of are fraternal twins, non identical, in two sacs, two placentas. Mine are identical and the rarest of identicals. Only 1 in 1000 pregnancies are like mine and 50% of those do not make it, so they are not heard of as often. Mine share the same placenta AND sac, so many risks are involved for obvious reasons. There are two cords in there that can easily knot up and as the space closes in on them as they grow there is really not enough room for them to wiggle out of the knots and they can clamp off from their blood supply and lifeline in minutes. One minute they can be fine and the next tangled and in serious danger. Cord issues are the number one cause of fetal death in mono/mono twins (which is what I have). Also, since they share the same placenta, it is not really large enough to sustain two babies full term. So they would be significantly smaller and have risk for one not getting enough nourishment because of sharing. If you start researching mono/mono twins you will see what a huge risk it is, aside from the risks associated with a normal twin pregnancy. Now since medicine has advanced so much even in the last 10 years, they are able to deliver them as early as 34 weeks with no significant health isuues aside from normal premie issues. They just have to stay in the hospital a little longer J They do the 34 week timeframe because after that, the babies are just growing very quickly at the end and the space is not ample in one sac for two babies. Less fluid, less placenta, less room to wiggle out of knots in the cord. Ours are already very tangled, so they are having to keep a close eye on them and our main prayer is for them to make it to the weeks that they have a huge chance of #1, survival outside the womb, and #2 a regular life. Once we reach that, as close to 34 weeks as possible they will do a C-section to eliminate any further risk of them dying by cord strangulation.

Feel free to post any other questions...I'll try to answer them all to my best ability :)


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