Wednesday, July 25, 2007

This is the bedding

Just wanted to post a pic of the new bedding that we will be adding to coordinate with Hayden's baby bedding. We wanted to be frugal and use hers again since we are having girls so I found this one that coordinates so perfectly :)

In other news....I feel babies today :) I have been feeling little thumps here and there but nothing significant...well today I feel them rolling in there for sure! I love it! It is so reassuring to feel your little ones moving around saying..."mommy, we're ok in here!" Really sets my mind at ease.

When we went to the doctor the other day we talked again about the whole hospitalization thing. It is not a maybe, it is a when. So she said we would get monitored around 24 weeks (Sept. 13) and then no later than 26 weeks does she want me in the hospital. I am schedules for my diabetes test on Monday and then my big anatomical scan on the 13th. That will be great to see the little ones again. And then we will really start making a plan of what to do from then on.

I can't believe that tomorrow marks my official halfway mark and I am going to have two more babies in less than 17 weeks. I'm trying to take things in little milestones...right now my first one is at 24 weeks which is viability for them. That means they can live outside my body. There are lots of things that they would potentially have issues with if they are born that early, which we are praying they aren't, but that is my first goal...then we will just be thankful for each additional day they stay in, because each day gives them a better and better quality of life.


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