Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Update on Hayden

I've been so bad about taking pictures of Hayden lately. Seems like she is just growing up right under our noses! Lately she has been really entertaining herself alot. She will just go upstairs and close her door and play in her room for 30 or 45 minutes at a time. It is really nice for mommy :) She loves reading her books and building her puzzle. She is learning to sing all the words to lots of songs...she knows "Jesus Loves Me", "Mr. Sun", "Mary Had a Little Lamb", "Clean Up" from Barney, "Rock-A-Bye Baby", "Deep and Wide" "Prepare the Way" (CFNI) and "Chim-Chimminy" from Mary Poppins (her all time favorite movie).

Recently someone gave her a doll and she actually named it herself. She calls her "Grace". We don't know anyone named Grace that she sees so it was very cute that she picked that name. She carries her around and talks to her and rocks her. Lately she makes me hold Grace in one arm and her in the other and she wants to be rocked and wants me to sing Rock-A-Bye Baby. But if anyone takes Grace away from me, Hayden pops up and gets upset. She will only lay down if I have Grace too :)

Her preferred method of transportation is running. She runs everywhere now and you can see that she has slimmed down alot. She walks up and down the stairs like a pro and is very fast about it. She loves to swim and is fearless in the pool, which is sort of scary for me because she will just plunge in with no one waiting for her. She whistles (though no sound comes out), snaps (from Mary Poppins :) ) , tries to help mommy by sweeping and loves when I put her up on the dryer and let her throw the clothes into the washer. She is such a little helper. My favorite phrase of hers right now is "Cooft Out" which means scoot out or scoot over. It is so cute when she says it but no one but BJ and I ever know what she is saying. She also says "hold you" when she wants to be held and I love that. She is a talker!! She talks all day long and will repeat anything that you say. It can get a little overwhelming even if you are used to it. She is very animated and talks with her head. She will move it all around to make a point. I will have to try to get that on video because it is so cute. She knows almost every body part and she knows most of her animals and the sounds that they make. She knows her foods and the ones that are her favorites (Chicken, fries, cereal, grapes, juice, ice cream). When she doesn't know what something is she will say "what's that?" and wait for you to tell her and then she will remember it. She has an excellent memory.

She is learning how to be a ham. Oh man, she can work a crowd. She knows the things that people think are funny and she will make the cutest faces when she knows you think she is funny.

She is really doing well with using a fork and spoon. For a while there she would turn the spoon right when she would get it to her mouth, so we had more food on her than in the mouth. But she has finally gotten the hang of it. Right now I'm working on teaching her how to use a big girl cup. She always tips it too fast and all of it pours out on her. She'll get it eventually. We are also starting to work with her on potty training. She has gone two times in the potty. So exciting! And soon we are going to transition her into her big girl bed.

I think that she is getting her two year molars because she has not been herself lately. She is so cranky and whiney. That is usually the sign we get before teeth.

Today I had to trim her bangs because those of you that have seen her lately know that her hair is constantly in her eyes. And she won't move it so it just hangs. So today I trimmed it and I think it looks so cute!!

She starts school in September two days a week and I'm so excited for her. I think it is going to be amazing to see her learn things in a group setting and develop little friendships. I'm glad she will be starting before the babies get here so she won't feel like she is getting kicked to the curb. I think it will help her with the transition of everything that is going to happen in our lives.

I have an appointment tomorrow so I'll update after that :)


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