Thursday, June 28, 2007

Kicker in the house

We had our appointment today and it went great. We were having our nuchal translucency screening today which tests for genetic defects and heart conditions and stuff like that. We didn't have it with Hayden but since this pregnancy is a hand full already we wanted to be prepared for anything else out of the ordinary. So far the ultrasound part of it came out great. So hopefully the bloodwork will follow suite and prove that my babies are totally healthy! Their heart rates were 146 and 154.

They were so cute. When we first started the ultrasound, the tech was doing all the measurements on baby A and he was cooperating just perfectly. Perfect profile shots, which were what we needed and being still and totally fine. So then she moved on to Baby B and totally different story. He was looking straight at us and she could not get him to roll over for a profile for anything. So we were worried that I would have to reschedule for later in the day and I did not want to have to spend my whole day at the doctor. So she let me see the doctor and then come back...well that's when it got interesting. Baby A--Mr. still, quiet and perfect was kicking the fire out of Baby B....IN THE EYE!!! A's feet were in B's face and he was repeatedly kicking him over and over...and B was just sitting there and every once in a while would push his hand up to try to move the foot away. It was hilarious! They are fighting already! Then we found out that B is a little smaller than A so that made it even more sad....the little one was getting beat up on already! ( oh and by the way the A's and B's are not name clue's they are just how they identify the two :) )

So then we think that we saw boy parts again on one of them...couldn't get a good shot on the other, but I think it is definitely boys. Hopefully at the next one we can 100% confirm, but I'd say it was boys if I had to bet on it. So everything checked out great. I had my bloodwork and got set up to have my glucose test at the next appointment. So first trimester is coming to a close :) Only 4 more weeks and I'll be halfway through with my proposed pregnancy (34weeks) whoohoo!!!


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