Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Quick story

Last night BJ, Hayden and I went out to eat with our friends Tara, Craig, Tiffany, Deborah and Colton. We had such a great time. Hayden was being a ham as usual and Colton was being adorable. He was saying the funniest things and making "cheese sandwhiches" out of the dough they make tortillas with :) So we are sitting there and all of the sudden Colton says in reference to Hayden..."She is smart and strong and brave". It was HILARIOUS. It was so heartfelt and we were all just sitting there waiting for him to profess his love to her. It was the most precious thing ever. We were all cracking up so hard. Sweet Colton!

Another funny story is on the way to the restaurant, Hayden said, "Two babies...mommy, two babies. Too much" Lol.... So funny as well.


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