Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Anyone want a double stuffed oreo????

Well we just had the shock of all shocks!!! We went to the doctor today and found out we are having TWINS!!! Everyone has been giving us a hard time and joking that we were having twins and neither one of us ever entertained the thought that it would ever actually happen.

We are walking around like is overwhelmingly amazing. It seems unreal.

Wow! We are having twins!

Right now they think that they are identical twins, meaning that they share the same sack, which bumps up the risk factor. But the good news is I won't be late this time!!! I'm very excited about that! Maybe we'll have them before the new year and get three child write-offs for taxes!!! :)

Right now my due date is January 3 and they babies are measuring great and their hearbeats were both strong. BJ was able to go to the appt. with me which I am so glad because I would have freaked out without him there. ah...who am I kidding....I freaked out WITH him there!

We are so shocked and stunned and speechless, and we know that God is in control.


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