Thursday, April 12, 2007

Use your tax refund and stock up now!!!

I am working hard this month toward a goal of being a star consultant AGAIN.

I want to offer a couple of specials to all my customers for helping me out.

This quarter you can get

$150 worth of product for only $99!!!

As always there is a free gift with purchase, but just for helping me out I am throwing in


Summer is near and it's a great time to go through and replace your winter colors with fun summer ones!!

You can also use this savings to try out the new, improved summer skin care products. Don't let your skin get burned.

(Hint: if you ask around you can get your co-workers, sisters, mothers, neighbors, etc. to order as a combined order and pay less!!)

WAIT!!! I have one more offer for you!!!!

If you want to earn all your product for FREE, then pick out what you want, multiply the total by 5, get outside orders from co-workers, family, etc. for the amount, and I will send you your product FREE!!!!! This is a great deal as well and easy to do!

$150 in product that you want X 5=$750 in outside orders gets you $150 of free stuff!!!!

These offers are for this quarter so they will only be good until June 14. Just email me or go online to place your order. If you choose the online payment, I will adjust the price once it is submitted to me, just select $150 worth of product and I will adjust it to $99.

If you choose to do offer number 2, just email me your outside orders and what you would like to get free.

Thank you for helping me accomplish my goals and enjoy your cosmetics!!!!


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