Tuesday, April 10, 2007

18 months and Easter

We had such a fun Easter this year. It was surprisingly cold, since it has been so warm lately. But Friday night a major cold front came through and it was soooo cold Saturday and Sunday.

Easter was a long day with no nap for Hayden, but she was a trooper. About halfway through the day the delirium kicked in and she went crazy. She was laughing uncontrollably at the littlest things and at one point my mom and I had to wrestle her to the ground just to get her diaper changed.

But she was so cute in her Easter dress and she hunted eggs like she was an old pro, and found 18!! Then she got several little Easter gifts from her grandparents and family. She got the cutest little stuff. We finally made it home at around 10 that night and it felt like 2am. We were all sooooo tired.

I remembered last Easter was the first day that Hayden crawled and now here she is running and chasing her friends around. What a year of change for her!!

This picture reminds me so much of pictures of myself when I was young.

Last week I picked up my old kitchen set from my parents house for Hayden. She loves it. She has played in her room for up to two hours without even coming out. I will go check on her and she will have all of her little babies in the tea party chairs and be serving them all types of food that she has "cooked" for them. It is so cute and amazing to see her imagination come alive.

She also had her first haircut yesterday. Her hair was growing into a mullet in the back so I just trimmed off that part and now it is a cute little bob :) I love it. Hopefully that will help it to all grow out together instead of a tail straight down her back.

Lastly, she has finally learned to eat with a spoon without throwing it everywhere in route to her mouth. I have a video of her eating that I will try to post.

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter!! Thank you Jesus for the miracle of your resurrection and for paying the price for all of our sins, so that we can spend eternity with You one day.


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