Monday, March 05, 2007

Un-Junking my Junk

An update...well..lets see...its been a while. I have been having a major, major home clean-out. I am de-cluttering EVERYTHING. Currently, some of my projects are bigger messes than it started out as. But others are shaping up quite nicely. See, being unemployed has had its perks.

So I pretty much haven't been on my computer much. ....just been working and working and working. When we moved into this house I was like 6 or 7 months pregnant, in the dead of Texas summer and I was miserable. So a lot of my moving preferences where bypassed. For instance, when I move, I like to clean out everything. I like to get rid of stuff, categorize it, box everything, etc. Very organized...well this move didn't really work that way. I was in the middle of my last round of finals, graduation, being pregnant, so I didn't really start packing until after we finished school, which left us only 11 days to be out of our house. So then when we did move, we had to move in with BJ's parents for about a month, so all of our stuff was sorted and split up between our parents, etc.....long story short, by the time we got into our house, I was even bigger, more uncomfortable, and didn't exactly unpack the way I would have liked to. So needless to say, I am just now getting around to things like.....scrap booking, hanging some pictures that are still stacked against the know stuff that isn't priority, but needs to get done one of these days.

So Hayden and I have been working away these past few weeks. Please forgive me for my absence, but I really didn't think that before and after pictures of my junk being un-junked would be too thrilling...though I could be wrong. Maybe some of you would just love it :)

I did happen to take some pictures of the little cutie though. She has been really fun lately. Just blossoming into a little girl....where has my baby disappeared to?? She can wear her hair in a ponytail now, she talks ninety-to-nothing, runs around really fast and is just the cutest ever. She has learned that she can "help" mommy do some things, like sweep....which I think she makes more of a mess by dragging the dirt all around the house instead of centralizing it into a pile. She also tries to do laundry by coming in and finding her clothes in the dirty laundry piles, and taking them throughout the house for me to later find and put back in the laundry room. Oh what else, oh, yes...she also does dishes with me....I will have both racks out and be unloading them....when i take a plate out...turn around to put it in the cabinet, I will turn back and the whole dishwasher will be closed up and she will be standing there looking so proud of herself for knowing how to push the racks in and close up the door :) Such a help! lol.

She now counts to 10 on her own, with very little help from us. I love to hear how she pronounces her words....."one, two, thee, foe fie (yes that is usually a combined word), sik, seaen, eight, nine, ten ...yah!!!" (she always says yeah at the end, when she knows she has done something good) . She also will tell you how old she is, and then bj has been teaching her to give multiple high 5's...and when she does he tells her to count them so she will say "Fie, Ten, Toney, Fify, Hunred" I LOVE IT! so cute...we took some video of that over the weekend, so maybe I'll get around to uploading it one of these days.

So that is an update on us. Here are some pics for you :) This is my most favorite picture of her to date!!

What a glam girl!
She calls her boa her "fevies"


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