Friday, March 09, 2007

The Top 11 in my Opinion

I must say I was a little disappointed with Idol last night. Not in the fact that the people voted off where not supposed to be voted off....more in the fact that some of them shouldn't have been voted off YET.

All of my fave's are still in the running, as they should be. But I must say that Sanjaya Malakar getting a slot in the top 12 is just appalling. No I didn't think that neither Sabrina, Antonella, Jared, nor Sundance would be the ultimate winner of the competition; but I think that Sabrina was better than Haley and definitely better than Sanjaya. And to see Sundance go home was kind of sad. He was most definitely, 1000% better than Sanjaya. I think the worst part is now Sanjaya is going to be one of the 12 finalists, which means he will be on the American Idol tour and CD and all that jazz....yikes. Poor guy. I though he had a good voice in the audition, but certainly not good enough for the top 12. I've had friends that tried out for Idol and didn't even make it that sing much better than him.

On to the good news....all my fave's have made it!! Whoohoo....I think there are some really good singers and performers but I don't know who it will be standing last. We shall see......


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