Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Is this spring break?????

First of all I must say HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY BRO-BRO :) He is 21 today! I can't believe my little brother is 21. Amazing.

What happened to weekends where I never get out of my pj's?? I am pretty sure they used to exist in my life. Well this weekend was not one of them. And whatever happened to Spring Break?? Isn't that this week? Bummer....I didn't even realize it. No fair. I want to have a week off of my normal duties to veg and go on a vacation.

I kicked off the weekend with a night out with my pal, Jamie. We saw Because I said So and laughed our heads off. We also ate some super yummy food at Berryhill. Makes me hungry again just thinking of it. BJ spent the night at a conference in Sequin, playing keys for them. The next morning, we got "THE CALL". Our friends Kris and Holly were having their baby girl!! Whoohoo!! So as soon as BJ got home we got dressed, ate at our favorite weekend locale "Treats" and headed to the hospital. We got there early that evening and it seemed that the baby would be here pretty soon...but six hours later and no progress forced a last-minute C-section. At 12:37 a.m. Hayden's newest gal-pal made her appearance.
Little Abigail Emery is here at last!!

Holly was amazing. She was so brave. After we saw Holly and the baby and of course Kris, we went home really late that night and tried to get fast sleep, since that was also the night we lost an hour :( We woke up the next morning, went back to the hospital to help out a little and then went over to my parents church for Rodeo Sunday. They had a petting zoo, a pony, and a chili cookoff. Hayden loved all of the animals, especially the pony ride. She laughed the whole time!

After that I went with my parents to our friends, Lauren and John, wedding. It was the best day ever for an outdoor wedding. The breeze was amazing. The food was also amazing. I got to see some old friends and also qualify my brother as a bonified nut.

The "groomsman posse" was a hoot. They were the life of the party on the dance floor. I finally made it home late that night and my feet were SCREAMING at me.

So a fun weekend it was....lots of excitement!! A baby. A wedding. Friends and family. Much fun.

Then to top it off, yesterday Mr. G stopped by Bj's work!! How cool is that. He and his brother were in town with their families on a camping trip and they came by to see us. It was so neat. I haven't gotten to see him since our college graduation. So that was fun. Then on our drive home we saw a turtle on our rode so of course we had to get out and check it out!

Well...I guess that is it :) It was a looooonnnng weekend.


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