Monday, February 12, 2007

The Weekend of the ER

Wow...where to start. I have tried to sit down and post a couple of times, but I am just so physically and mentally exhausted that I was just blank every time. So this might not be interesting but I want to document it for memory's sake.

Friday we got a night out. ...much needed for me. I was up to my ears in barf and just needed a break from the sad , sick baby. :( So we went out with Britton and Jess and a friend of theirs and then split up into guys/girls for a movie....we saw Catch and Release and they saw the new Hannibal...blech. I liked our movie...then we went out for some yummy PF Chang's...yumm!

Saturday Hayden was doing much better, hadn't thrown up in a couple of days and was acting herself again, so she and I went to Ty's b-day party and had a great time......until Hayden threw up everything she had been storing up for the past two days...oh yes...and did I mention how it was right in the middle of opening present time......poor thing. I had it on me and she had it all over her....

Luckily, I had spotted a really cute dress at Target that morning while I was rushing to buy a present so I had that in the car for at least I didn't have to let her run around in her diaper and socks.

So Hayden and I left, but on top of her being sick again, she was getting dehydrated. She wouldn't drink anything we tried to give her and everything she did drink, she would throw up. I was getting worried...but the worst was when her hands, feet and lips/mouth turned scarily blue.....I mean blue/purple..It was freaky. So I called the pediatrician and they said to get her to the ER. Something was really wrong if her body parts were turning colors.

So the adventure continued. My mom met me at the ER and we tried to get her in....well you all know how the wait at the ER can we waited and waited, while trying to keep the sick child calm. She was wayyyyyy past her nap by then and freaking out.

Finally we got her in, and BJ got there. So I was really worried that she was going to have to get an IV because there were about 13 other kids in the ER that looked on the brink of death from the whole vomiting/dehydration syndrome. Poor kids...all these moms were trying everything to keep their kids OUT of the ER and here we all were. But when the Dr. came in she said Hayden was not close to needing an iv. So they checked her out and then gave her some medicine for her stomach so that she could keep her liquids down and we got to leave. Thank God! We were only there for about four hours and I am thankful because that is short compared to some people's stay in the ER.

The whole ordeal was so overwheming and tiring and I was already run down from her being sick all week. So that was like my last straw. The next day I woke up feeling like I hadn't slept in days and that I had ran several marathons. My body was so sore and I felt feverish and sick and tired....and just blah.

So pray for us, We are exhausted and tired of being sick. The ER experience was one that I never want to have to repeat. EVER.

Hayden is doing good now. She has started eating a little again, and is drinking very good. No more fever and no more blue-ness. Now if my throat would just stop hurting and my energy return to me we'd be in business.

Thanks for all your prayers and calls!


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