Thursday, January 11, 2007

Recently I attended an old-school, girly-girl, sleepover. It was a high school basketball team reunion. SO FUN! We looked at old pictures, reminisced, talked about boys (giggle giggle) and of course....stayed up too late. We were even going to eat like teenagers and order some pizza, but we had some troubles with that we all piled into the totally cool Mom-mobile (AKA my way cool Sequoia) equipped with car seat, just in case, and headed to a local Sushi hot spot. We may be having a high school flashback, but we don't have to eat like high schoolers.

The night was just great....time to throw my mom hat out the window for a night and be super fun and young again :) We even caught up with one of our Junior High friends, that I haven't seen since then. Good times, good times!

It was really weird being able to look at pictures of ourselves and realize that they were taken over 10 years ago... crazy. That makes me feel old, even though of course I am still not even looking old enough to get into an R rated movie much less have a kid and be married for almost 4 years. Sheesh.

The best part of all was to look around the table and see not only the friendships that I have tried so hard to maintain, but the true "family" that I have built along the way. These girls were my sisters I never had (spending time at school/games/practices/and then still hanging out afterwards with people is basically like having an extended family) . They are some of the greatest friends on the planet and its nice to see us all still maintaining somewhat of a friendship even after being out of high school now for nearly 6 years. I felt like we just picked up where we left off, of course with some added stories of including our husbands, ex-husbands, and babies. Ha! I'm lucky to have great friends for so long!!


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