Friday, October 06, 2006

Happy 1st Birthday baby girl!!!

Dear Hayden,

I can't believe it has been a year of your little life already. We have had so many wonderful memories already and can't wait to see and make many many more with you.

Since the second you came into the world at the early hour of 3:44 am, daddy and I haven't been the same. I didn't think I could love someone so much that I had just barely met, but you proved me wrong. I remember you warm red body and big eyes scanning the new world that you entered in. And those feet...they were so cute and so big!! Your tiny cry that was such a great sound...the first few times :) I remember the day we brought you home was the first cool day of the year, and the weather had changed to fall.

Now a year later, here you are, walking and talking...eating everything in sight. You love music so much and dance everytime you hear it. You love the Backyardigins, Barney and Dora! You also like Veggie tales and Bath time!! You love to splash in the water and say "kick, kick, kick".

You are truly the joy of our lives and we haven't been the same since you came into this world. Have the Happiest Day ever! We love you so much our precious girl!

♥ Mommy and Daddy


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