Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Baylor Homecoming!

We had a really busy weekend filled with lots of fun and old friends :)

We kicked it off on Friday night when we attended a wedding at a gorgeous venue Parasio Maravilla. It was so beautiful.

Then we got up Saturday morning and drove to Waco for our 2nd Baylor Homecoming!! But one bad thing is that Hayden did not sleep the whole drive up there and so when we got to the game at about 1:45pm she had been awake all day. Not good. So we thought we might be able to entertain her long enough for the game to end and then she could take a nice nap. Well I knew the weather would be cold on Sunday but I did not count on the blazing sun being straight in our face. (last year I don't think we sat on the student side and we were in the shade) So, we get to the game and meet up with our sweet friends Courtney and Tim. Well the weather is blazing hot....do we have any sunscreen....NO! So the whole game I am not even able to concentrate on the game because I am worried that my pastey daughter will get roasted. Plus she is cranky and hot so she is moving all over the place, trying to make friends with the neighbors and such...well, by halftime we have stripped her down to her diaper and t-shirt. Poor thing, is sweating and red-faced. As am I, but I don't think twice about it. So, Courtney and I decided to leave the unbearable heat and get the little munchkin home for a nap.

Oh...may I mention that at this point we were also losing the game. sad sad.

So, we get home, change clothes, get Hayden down and collapse on the couch. Fun times :) A while later the guys call....Baylor came back and won the game by one point right at the end of the game and they were taking the goalposts down!!! WHAHOOO!!! and of course we have missed this. Oh, and also, this will be the first time ever that Baylor has won three Big 12 games in the same season!! Double WAHOO!!!! So though we missed the fun part, it was very exciting!

So then the guys got home and we went and saw our friends Matt and Sarah and their girls. We ate dinner outside in the nice weather and caught up with everything. It was great. We got to tour the world hunger farm and see all the crops, some of the goats, and the gift shop. I also got to push this really cool dual stroller...supposedly its really expensive but I have got to get one when we have another child...this thing was the lightest stroller ever, and it had two children in it.

Then Sunday we went to our old church Antioch....oh how we have missed you! It was great. Hayden had a lot of fun in the nursery and then we went to the always yummy, Ninfas. If you have not had Ninfa's in Waco, you have to try it...It is totally different then any Ninfas anywhere else. Yum! The guys saw some local sportscaster and proceeded to be totally and incredibly "socially awkward" (as Court would say) :) Fun times fun times......

So that was our weekend...we had a great time...and yes, have basically no pictures to show for it. I do have some of Hayden playing with our friends' little girls but I haven't uploaded them yet. I'll get on that eventually.


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