Thursday, October 12, 2006

300th Post!!!

I'm sad due to the fact that Melissa did not update her blog. Hopefully that doesn't mean that you couldn't find out what the babe is.

My enter (pinkie) finger is hurting because I slammed it accidentally so its making for some interesting typing.

Tonight I made lamb & tomato curry with couscous. was really good but it was a little spicy for our liking. BJ doesn't like spicy foods at all, but I do typically, but this one was a bit over the top.

Started watching "end of the spear" but bj fell asleep and it was pretty slow moving. So I suppose I will finish it by myself sometime. I really thought it would be more interesting from the get-go, but maybe it picks up later in the movie.

Oh...yes, also Happy birthday to my BIL....20 years old!! whoohoo!! Live it up in the UK!

This is a strange post but I am tired, wanted to jot a few things down and now i'm off to bed....I guess Mel is not posting tonight...sniff.


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