Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Thank God for birth control!!!!!!!!!

Fall is around the corner and how do I know this?? Well I could look at a calendar and yes, there in plain view I see that it is September...amazing that this year has flown by. Another way to tell is how "right" it felt as I cleaned and cooked yesterday and walked by the TV to the sound of the Baylor football game....memories of cold weather, screaming fans, and hot chocolate tell me that fall is in the air; or it could be that yesterday as we grilled outside for the first time by ourselves in our married life that neither of us broke a sweat. :) But the sure-fire way to know that the weather has changed and the scorching days or numbered is that the sickies came knocking on our door this weekend.

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Yes, once again, Hayden and I have the sinus fun!! Blame it on the "like mother-like-daughter factor" but it seems when one of us is sick so is the other. Poor thing has it alot worse then me. Mine took a quick course of sore throat, man voice, congestion, sore tonsils. But hers is runny nose, progressing to a deep congestion in her lungs once again. So we have brought back mister Rhino mask and breathing treatments are undeway.
Seems like everytime gets harder and now it takes both me and Bj to hold down the sick, aggitated, uncomfortable child and hold the mask anywhere near her face. She loves it, let me tell ya!

Oh another bad thing that happened...Hayden cut open right under her eye on Friday..it bled, and I was so worried....but she just got a little scab, and a little whelp, but it wasn't as bad as it seemed..I was sure we were on the way to our first ER visit.

One thing that she has loved is her new found food of choice. Sandwhiches!!! Yum yumm.
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So, she has recently started eating these, and we soon discovered that two slices of bread just wasn't going to work. She doesn't know how to bite through the first one and keep biting through the second, instead she would get through the first piece and pull, resulting in a couple of really sticky jelly bibs. So jelly foldovers it is :) She is so cute and gets so excited when she sees me bringing her one.

In other news, being that I have been sick I have watched some interesting programs this weekend...for starters I saw a program on the Duggar family, maybe you've heard of them...yeah, they have 16 children...yep you heard me 16! HA! I can't even begin to imagine....much less imagine when they all grow up and have families of their own..think of the grandkids at Christmas time....I'm picturing mass mayhem!! So they had this show on TLC about how TLC is building this house for them....7000 sq. ft., a pantry that literally looks like a grocery store, a laundry room with 4 washers 8 dryers! a cafeteria style kitchen along with a regular kitchen...the list goes on and on...it was amazing. How in the world can they afford their own family.

Thank you Lord for my one precious daughter....I'm good for now, Really!!


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