Friday, August 04, 2006

Way to Go DEBO ;)

Pasta legs. Kinked Back. Headache. Tired eyes. Yes these are all words that describe me the last two days. Just plain pooped.

At my JOB we are fininshing up on some of our jobs and sending all the final paperwork into the attorneys and let me tell ya, this paperwork business is just exhausting. A zillion copies to be made that must first have the staples removed from them so they may be copied (front and back, I might add...on a one sided copy machine...), and then re-stapled post-copying. Then filed, in binders, labeled, etc...... Not tough stuff, but the volume....exausting. So anyway, I was at the point of, "how can I go on like this??" The rest at night didn't seem to be the cure...there's no time to just chill on the couch without moving like in the pre-Hayden days.

So when my good ole pal Deb called me up for a date night, I was enthused ,yet I had no idea how the night would be a success once I told my pasta legs to spring into action and move, past the "clock-out" bell's ring. But I did... and it was just the cure I needed.

After a night of Berryhill and then on to Main Event for some rapid-fire basketball shooting, virtual reality roller coasters, air-hockey, the Elvis Presley coin push (which we each spent $10 on, trying to get the coin to fall at the right point that would push off a bunch of built up coins....yeah, as you can tell it didn't really happen too fast for us) and finally the most hilarious bowling game ever. We were both so bad, that we just decided that we would try for the highest combined score every time :) The people next to us even had pity on us and cheered for me one time when I got a spare. HA! Such fun times were had by all!

And today instead of feeling seems that it was just what the ole tired body needed. Either that or my body knew it only had one more day to make it through before the weekend and then it is going to crater on me...bring your spatulas over tomorrow...we might need them to pry me out of the bed.

Now I have the temporary energy to deal with my almost 10 monther that is continually teething. We've had a couple of red-faced, writhing, screaming-crying days lately. It is NO BUENO for anyone involved, let me tell ya. And now that she is figuring out the whole pushing and tensing-up and attitude, it makes it even 10 times funner. ahhhh I can't wait until all 32 teeth are in (it is 32 right?)6 down 26 to go. sheesh

Well I'm off to work!! I'll let all you potential Hoobie-child buyers know when we finally have a litter.


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