Friday, July 14, 2006

9 Days of Vacation!!! Bring it on!!!!!!!!!

Last night bj and I stayed up until the wee hours of the night packing, packing and...more packing. Wow, traveling with a babe is so hard because you have to basically pack everything imaginable that they will need, could need, or might by the slightest chance need. I do not want to be trapesing all over the Mexican countryside looking for a pack of size 4 diapers. Or a gerber baby water with flouride. sigh...the things you do. So we hauled out the gigantic suitcase from back in the day that I used to load up for ORU every year.

**ORUEF= a competition of all sorts between various schools with categories including, sports, drama, music, drawing, name it, they had a category for it. We went every year during high school and it was a BLAST!!

So I loaded my stacks of things into "big green" (the suitcase) and bj came around with a shocked look at the amount of no space that I left for him. Really there is plenty, his clothes are just way bigger than mine and therefor don't fit in as well ;) Then I realized that we still had yet to include Hayden's belongings. So we hauled out Little green...the rolling carry-on. That bag now contains, a large tub of formula, 56 diapers, a whole pack of wipes, oatmeal packets, water bottles, snacks, crackers, fruit snacks, toys, blankets and clothing...and and an array of other things...medicine, spoons, bottles, liners.....sheesh. The good thing...most of that will be consumed and not brought back with us, leaving plenty of room for souvenirs :)

I think we are going to look like a walking circus through the airport, with big green, little green, Hayden in the stroller, bj with the carseat strapped to his back, and all the other things we accumulate between now and take-off. ahhhhh...the joys of traveling with a child :) I am pumped. We are going to have so much fun!!

Hayden's first flight!! Yeahh!!!!!! lets hope she does great. While we are down in Acapulco, Hoobie will be basking in the pet resort and salon on a vacation of his own :)

So...enjoy yourselves this week...I know I will be!!


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