Friday, June 23, 2006

"That'll be 5.3 blocks please!"

Well it is 12:07 you know where you children are?? Yes, I do. I always thought that was so funny when they would air that phrase late at night...then I realized the reason was due to the city-wide curfew going into affect. I never really understood the curfew thing...(not the parentally inflicted one) the legally inflicted one. I mean, I understood the reason for it, but not how it was supposed to be monitored. Ok, for instance, first of all, I don't even know nor did I ever know what the curfew, I was a working high school girl that worked the Friday night shift at the local would I have gotten pulled over, given a ticket, or a citation or what, say I had to get gas, or went to rent a movie or something?? And what about going to a late are you supposed to go if there is a curfew around town?? If you know please enlighten me for future references! Thanks!!

Sheesh...the gas prizes are killing me!! The other day I pulled up, filled up, and paid and then had a mild heartattack as my receipt printed....$69 and I wasn't even on EMPTY!!!!!! AHHHH!!!! I remember when I first started driving and I could fill up the whole Civic for about $13-14. Unbelievable! That would barely put me at a quarter of a tank these days. I think its crazy how during the hurricanes the gas prices went through the roof and then back down so that we would stop freaking out. But now, they are right back up there where they were then and no one seems to think twice. The scary thing is that we are in hurricane season again....I wonder how high the prices will go this time.

Random thought:
I did some looking into on the subject of gold and silver and holding there value and I found some surface info that was pretty interesting....check this out! GOLD Though it says that silver holds its value...can you imagine having to carry around blocks of gold and silver in your purse...ha! And we think that the fad now is to carry a whopper of a purse...think what we'd be carrying around then...I can picture all these moms walking around with those portable boxes that roll behind them....(yes I currently have one) but I don't use it on a daily basis to carry around my silver! :) And another problem with that would be, how in the world do you make change with a block..."yes that will be 5.3 blocks please" " Oh, I'm sorry but how would you like the .3??" So would we all go back to the credit system?? I now have .3 of a block of credit at Blockbuster...will that cover my late fee?? :)

Ok so I am going to start a cheers/Jeers....I know its so "done already" but I like a good summarizing of the daily highlights and lowlights.

Jeers: Youth camp lasting until 12 am and BJ not having his house key....
Cheers: Family Reunion tomorrow!!!!! Yippee!!


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