Thursday, June 15, 2006

Rhinoplasty --anyone up for a nose job?? just to warn you...I am now getting paid to BLOG!!! Whahoo. Some of my posts might be a little odd at first so just bear with me :) I don't want to lose all of you faithful bloggers because I get really boring! Maybe it will even be more exciting, who knows...anyway, for those of you that just love to blog and why not get paid to do is the site that I hooked up with. Blogitive

So! Today the topic of the day is.... Rhinoplasty Toronto which is basically just a nose job. Now I can understand people getting this done, because, hey your nose is the one thing on your face that literally sticks if its crooked, or has a big bump on the bridge or something, I can understand people wanting to get it fixed. I personally broke my nose when I was a junior in high school and when I got it fixed, they were going to straighted some original damage that had been done earlier in life...(we think my brother broke my nose with his head once when we were little). But they got in there and said they would have to rebreak the nose due to alot of scar tissue buildup, and really it wasn't a big deal to me so I didn't do it. I shall live with a crooked nose for now :) I'm not big on having work done that is really unnecessary because mainly, I hate shots, so I hate surgery and I hate pain and putting myself through undue pain is not fun for me! I don't know how those people that go on Extreme Makeover can watch the show prior to going on and then opt to do it. Yes, some of the people are gorgeous after it is all over, but yikes!! The going-through-it process looks horrendous.

Well enough is enough...I told you the posts might be a little different..but oh well. Yesterday we celebrated our 3 year anniversary!! Wow! Bj sent me a dozen pink/white roses. We didn't do anything big since it was a church night, but we are maybe going to stay at a guest villa at Bentwater this weekend :) So excited!!!

Anyway, Happy Birthday to my best bud, Deborah! :) I hope your day is amazing.


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